MEDIBIKE sponsors Long Island Hurricanes youth mtb team

MEDIBIKE is a proud supporter of the Long Island Hurricanes youth  Mountain Bike program with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. They are committed to teaching safe riding practices and share their love of the sport, as we encourage our children to develop lifelong fitness habits, in a fun and exhilarating manner. We believe forming scholastic teams is the best way for students to learn how to ride safely.  While some may go on to National level competition, all will have fun, develop fitness and learn skills and life lessons that will stay with them forever.  Our goal is have fun, make friends, build esteem and educate.


MEDIBIKE Race Medical  Support for NICA NY Races


MEDIBIKE is proud to provide Race Medical support for National Interscholastic Cycling Association's New York League Races. Our Team of professional EMTs and Paramedics ensure a safe and fun time for these scholastic Athletes. Medi-Bike provide support to the League Director by managing all safety and medical planning, logistics and response for these races.


At each location our Safety and Medical Director contacts and works with local fire departments, ems corps and other responding agencies to plan access, extrication points and disposition plans with local area hospitals.


League Director, Jason Cairo states, " having the medi-bike medical support on hand has been a great asset for the New York League. From logistics & planning to race day through follow up - they manage every aspect of safety. Every injured rider is evaluated immediately. The bike medics enable the fastest response to crashes. Minor injuries riders often continue to ride their race with confidence, Serious injuries are quickly triaged for severity, the appropriate level of care and a transport decision is made expeditiously for the best possible outcome. Reports on injuries are concise and well documented, they even follow up with injured riders.  This enables us to focus on managing the event and making sure it is successful in every way possible. Having Medi-Bike on our Team has been a big part of our success".


Medical and Safety Director Scott Zelenetz, said " it is all about the kids. Our medics are vetted personally, they are FDNY or  area FD & EMS agencies. They are extremely competent and I trust my own son to their care. Our goal is to maximize racer's experience in the most fun  & the safest way possible, while managing any serious traumatic injury or medical condition with the utmost care. The League goes along way in ensuring safety by providing a medical history on every rider racing. I have been public safety professional for many years. NICA NY is by the one of the Safest programs I have seen and understands fully how to manage risk.


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Experts are warning that 2017 could be a year that ticks -- and the diseases they carry -- spread across the East Coast, especially on Long Island.


Ticks have always been a concern in wooded areas of the island. But this year, experts say that hikers and people spending time outdoors should expect more of them. This means that there could also be an increase in cases of Lyme disease, which can cause serious symptoms. The warning comes from Rick Ostfeld and Felicia Keesing . The pair found a way to predict Lyme disease seasons a year in advanced based on the number of mice in the area. Lots of mice one year means lots of Lyme disease the next. The reason is because ticks love mice, which act as an incubator for the disease. Ticks feed off the mice and get the Lyme disease bacteria in their system, which they then transfer to humans when they bite.


According to the CDC, while Lyme disease is not fatal, it can produce serious effects. Within the first 30 days of a tick bite, Lyme disease can cause fever, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle and joint aches and swollen lymph nodes, as well as Erythema migrans (EM) rash. The rash occurse in the majority of people with Lyme disease, and usually appears about 7 days after a tick bite. The rash gradually expands over a few days, reaching sizes of 12 inches or more. The center may clear, giving it a distinct "bulls-eye" appearance. Thought it usually appears on the site of the tick bite, it can appear anywhere on the body.


  • Lyme disease can get worse if left untreated. Later-developing symptoms include:
  • Severe headaches and neck stiffness.
  • Arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, particularly the knees and other large joints.
  • Facial palsy (loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face).
  • Intermittent pain in tendons, muscles, joints and bones.
  • Heart palpitations or an irregular heart beat.
  • Episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath.
  • Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Nerve pain.
  • Shooting pains, numbness, or tingling in the hands or feet.
  • Problems with short-term memory.


Lyme disease is spread primarily by deer ticks, which are incredibly small. An adult deer tick is a fraction the size of a dime, and can be very hard to spot, especially on dark-colored clothing or hair.


The CDC believes that around 300,000 people are infected with Lyme disease every year, the majority of which are in the northeast of the country, including New York. However, you can take steps to protect yourself from the disease.

Experts warn of Tick Explosion on Long Island